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Social Work Caring for Families

A family forms a unit that is usually part of a bigger community.  A community functions well when all its units and individuals are healthy, rested, and feeling good.  Social … Read More

The Diverse Profession of Social Work

Social Work is a profession that is practiced in society, for society.  The primary mission and goal of Social Workare to better the lives of all humans.  This includes the … Read More

Social Workers that Became Famous in History

Practicing Social Work is not something new, it was just performed under other names.  The mid-19th century saw the finding of “Charity Organization Society” in London and “Hull House” in … Read More

The Impact of Major World Events on Social Work

Responses to major events like wars, depression, economic problems, and industrial reforms, pressured Social Work to become a defined discipline.  The impact of these events on society always brings change. … Read More

International Social Work Day

Bringing together Social Workers from all over the world, this day is for individuals, and groups, to share information.  World Social Work Day is celebrated on this one day, but … Read More

Promoting the Practice of Social Work

Involving the people from the groups, communities, and bigger societies that they work in will help promote certain aspects of Social Work.  The more people become active in their communities, … Read More