Social Work is a profession that developed during the 19th century.  Before it became profession, the work was done by philanthropists, religious organizations, charities, and public almshouses.  The problems society experiences today are not new to the world.

The Mission of Social Work

The profession of Social Work’s primary mission is to better the well-being of humans.  Their attention focuses on the needs of people, individuals, as well as groups.  They work towards the empowerment of the vulnerable, the oppressed, and those living in poverty.

They attend to the needs of communities, and individuals, and address problems that occur in society.

Where is Social Work done?

You can find Social Workers in many work areas.  Just a few would be psychology, criminology, sociology, education, counseling, health, law, and many more.  Social Work services aim to provide beneficial services to achieve optimum functionality.

Social Work is an integrated profession that requires continued study and the development of skills and knowledge.  The ever-changing world and environment create new and different problems to add to daily life.

Defining Features of Social Work

The profession of Social Work focuses on the well-being of society.  They will promote social change and social justice to better the livesof communities, families, organizations, groups, and individuals.  They provide and offer psychosocial assistance where needed.

Social Workers are employed in many fields in the professional world,giving assistance, making assessments, intervention in crisis times, administration, research, and many more.  They are active in societies, always working towards the best solutions for any problem.