International Social Work Day

Bringing together Social Workers from all over the world, this day is for individuals, and groups, to share information.  World Social Work Day is celebrated on this one day, but different events are organized throughout the whole month.

This day provides opportunities to speak to other Social Workers and share the day-to-day realities of their profession.

World Social Work Day Events

Social Workers work in their country, or state’s, Social Work Chapter.  All Chapters hold conferences and workshops throughout the year, and on this one day, groups, and individuals will gather to share their experiences.

On this day, events are taking place worldwide and offer opportunities to share information.  Promising new practices, new tools, and new innovative approaches to solving problems are discussed.  This day provides room for discussions, everything aimed to strengthen the workforce.

Celebrating Achievements

This day is also an opportunity to celebrate achievements received during the year.  While celebrating they also raise awareness for the importance of the work Social Workers provide.  The day also draws attention to the need for planning and developing their profession.

Raising Awareness

It also makes people aware of the role a Social Worker plays in the day-to-day lives of communities, families, and individuals that are vulnerable and in need.  Raising awarenessaround the great need in communities and society the world over can bring more support to social services.


The different Social Workers Associations from all over the world developed different Toolkits to distribute.  These toolkits can include social media posts, sign-on proclamations, sample letters, and more.  Some of these toolkits provided information on the importance of the role Social Service Work plays in poor communities worldwide.

Another toolkit provided the “2021 Blueprint of Federal Social Policy Priorities”.  This provides concise messages regarding the priorities to support the Social Work workforce.


More events and workshops are held throughout the Social Work month and the whole year.  Workshops can be offered internationally and in the local community.

International workshops promote the importance of relationships in human well-being.  This is not only a single community fact, but true worldwide.  These workshops will also draw attention to problems that exist globally.  Poverty, inequality, and other social problems, that exist everywhere, provide good topics for workshops.

During a workshop, a problem will be discussed and the possible solutions can be tested and decided on.

Workshops can also be held in communities to discuss projects, problems, and solutions.  The local people might have a very good insight into how to solve a problem within their area.