Leadership and Staff



Jacqueline C. Jones, BS, MSW, LSW

NASW-Nevada Board President

Healthcare Partners of Nevada



Cheryl Johnston, MSW, LSW, ACHPC-SW

NASW-Nevada Vice-President

Professor at UNLV School of Social Work

Nathan Adelson Hospice



Dr. Novia Anderson, LCSW, PhD

NASW-Nevada Northern Region Chair

Professor at UNLV School of Social Work

Desert Parkway Behavioral Center


Natasha Mosby, LCSW

Membership Committee Chair

Owner of NSM Consulting. LLC

HRSA Program Coordinator at UNLV School of Social Work


Kyle Hillman

Chapter Director

NASW-Nevada Chapter



 Danielle Flores

 Membership Services
NASW-Nevada Chapter 


NASW-Nevada Board Nominations


Nomination Requirements/Priority Slating

Please Note: The call for nominations is closed for 2019, please check back in January of 2020 for the next round of calls. 

You must be an NASW member in good standing at the time of application and maintain throughout your term to serve on the Board. Student Representatives must be enrolled at an accredited social work program in Nevada for the 2019-2020 school year. Regional representatives must reside or work in the region that they represent. 

Priority for slating will be given to applicants who have previously served on an NASW Chapter Board for Executive Committee and CCNLI positions. Absent applicants with previous NASW Chapter Board experience other candidates will be considered. 

Priority for slating of the Member at Large will be given to member applicants who reside outside of the Reno or Las Vegas area. In the absence of candidates from outside the mentioned areas, other candidates will be considered from within those areas. 

For 2020-2021 priority for slating of the MSW Student Representative will be given to candidates from UNLV and priority for slating of the BSW Student Representative will be given to candidates from UNR. In the absence of enough qualified candidates from the priority location, other candidates will be considered. 


We encourage you to apply early, so members of the committee can reach out to you if there is anything they would need follow-up on. 

Board Requirements

There is NO monetary requirement you must raise to serve on the NASW-NV Board of Directors, however, there is an expectation of volunteer time to attend board meetings and as described in the Roles and Responsibilities.  There is no reimbursement for travel, all board meetings will have a phone option for members not residing in the region where the meeting is being held.

Board Meeting Schedule

Exact dates for the Board Meetings will be set soon, but will occur in the following months. 

September 2019 – TBA

December 2019 – TBA

March 2020 – TBA

June 2020 – TBA 

Roles and Responsibilities

2019 Election Positions


Vice President: the Vice President fulfills the duties of the President in the event of absence or disability and assumes the presidency upon the President’s resignation or inability to discharge the office; oversees the Chapter Diversity Plan, including the annual progress reporting; and performs other duties as assigned by the President.

Secretary: the Secretary is responsible for the Board of Directors’ and Executive Committee’s meeting minutes, as well as for the other non-fiscal records of the Chapter. 

Member at Large: Shall serve as a voting member of the advisory chapter board, shall assist the District Chair of the region in which they reside with programing and events, shall preform other responsibilities or charges from the Chapter President. 

North/South Region District Chair: Shall serve as a voting member of the advisory chapter board, shall represent the members of that region to the board, shall assist the Chapter in creating, hosting and promoting chapter events and educational offerings in their region. 

MSW/BSW Student Representatives: Shall serve as a voting member of the advisory chapter board, shall represent the members of their degree program, shall serve as liaison to the Chapter from their university. 

Delegate Assembly Delegate: Shall serve as the Nevada Representative to the tri-annual NASW National Delegate Assembly. Together with the Chapter President, Chapter President-Elect and Chapter Director the Delegate Assembly team helps to shape national policy and approve updates to the social work standards manual.

CCNLI: The Chapter Committee on Nominations and Leadership Identification serve as the nominating committee for the Chapter Advisory Board. They help recruit, review applications and recommend a slate for vote by the chapter members.