Promoting the Practice of Social Work

Involving the people from the groups, communities, and bigger societies that they work in will help promote certain aspects of Social Work.  The more people become active in their communities, the better these communities will function.

The same goes for promoting activities done on a worldwide scale.  The more the world knows about the projects to change and better certain things in the world, the faster they can see those changes.

Ideas for Events

There are many great ideas to involve persons from the local community, from other communities, from the media, andother interested parties.

Hosting an Open House

This is an event where you can invite people from all over to visit the premises where planning and organizing Social Work matters takes place.  Invitations can be sent to guests of honor.Advertise in the newspapers and on local notice boards to attract the community.

Organize a tour through the building with explanations on what happens when and where.  Give a little insight into the daily doings of a Social Worker.  Make sure to have much explanatory information visible and pamphlets that explain some of the projects in the community.

Organize an Outdoor Picnic

Choose an area where different projects are ongoing or changes for the better already materialized.  Advertise the event widely to draw lots of attention.

Ask people to bring their blankets, food, and drink, and provide them with music, fun activities, a play area for the smaller children, and dessert.  Have information booths where ongoing projects are displayed.

Ask persons to sign up for a project or more, or to make a donation.

Collect Food and Clothing for the Local Charities

Request the community to collect clothing and food that will be distributed to persons in the community that require some help.  Persons can offer to help with the collection, sorting of, and distribution of goods received.

Build a reserve clothing and a reserve food bank and ask volunteers to manage those reserves at a set location.

Promoting Social Work in the community can help achieve the well-being of that whole society.  Knowing that your help can lighten the workload of others and change someone’s life for the better, will also be uplifting to the helper.