Social Work Caring for Families

A family forms a unit that is usually part of a bigger community.  A community functions well when all its units and individuals are healthy, rested, and feeling good.  Social Workers may work in communities to empower and uplift them.  In doing so, they also need to take care of the smaller units in a community, like a family.

Working in these smaller units is just as important as the big changes and developments.  Social Workers work everywhere to empower and liberate individuals, as well as the groups, communities, and society they belong to.

Taking Care of the Smallest Units in the Community

The smallest unit in a community is a baby.  Mostly part of a family, but also, many times not.  This is a social unit, belonging in a community and part of society.  This is where Social Workers practice their profession.

Starting with educating a parent to care for a newborn baby, knowing when to expect certain changes while the baby grows.  One of these changes is the 4-month-sleep-regression babies can suffer.  Just when sleep patterns become more predictable, babies can start waking up during the night again.

This first change in sleeping habits iscalled the 4-month sleep regression.  This is one of the many things a Social Worker can help parents with.

A Community is built up out of Individuals and Families

Looking after the smallest of the small is where Social Workers start their work.  Their profession concerns itself with the well-being of individuals and families.  They work towards meeting the basic needs of communities and society by starting small and growing bigger through their services.

From helping with the baby to helping the bigger collective to become a well-functioning unit is all in the profession of a Social Worker.