The Diverse Profession of Social Work

Social Work is a profession that is practiced in society, for society.  The primary mission and goal of Social Workare to better the lives of all humans.  This includes the empowerment of people and communities that are oppressed.  They can be found working amongst the vulnerable and poor.

They can also be found working amongst groups, and individuals that press for certain changes in society.  And they can also be found as therapists, and educators, and helping people to better manage many areas in life.

The Diversity of Social Work

There are many diverse forms of Social Work, all different, and all done in a variety of areas.  Social Work might include international Social Work, organization and advocacy within communities, justice and correcting wrongs, managing and administration, health care, mental care, and Clinical Social Work.

Social Workers at Work

You can find Social Workers serving the community as a whole.  This may include organizing groups in the community, health care, and administration.  This is called Macro Social Work which is working the bigger scene, on a larger scale.  Mezzo Social Work is practicing in smaller groups and communities.

And then there are the Micro practicing Social Workers, who work with individuals.  Giving counseling to families, or therapy to individuals, and educating parentsin sleep training methods for their child.

They help parents decide on sleep training methods that will work for their family.  They will help them choose the correct sleep training essentials and educate them to use them correctly.  In the big picture of things, this might not look as important as helping with the big things.

But that is what Social Work is about.  Working in the world, in service of all that is in need.  Not only the big things but also the smaller things.  All are important in the Social Workers Profession, and they practice wherever they can make a change for the better.